There is something ethereal, otherworldly about Cassie Rose's voice, and yet it seems infused with nature and an affinity to the earth. She seems at once both firmly grounded, and yet engaging the astral, her feet on the ground and her heart flying high in the sky. It is a voice and music that you must hear for yourself, and you will instantly know how remarkable she is...”

— Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide


Cassie Rose & The Sol Garden - Debut Album 'On The Wind'



About 'Memories Of The Past'

After the release of my Debut EP ‘Destiny’ in 2014, I was so excited about what we were doing with my band at the time, that I wanted to do more recording… hopefully an Album! 

We did a few shows as a band, and many more as a Duo with my partner Alex & on occasions joined by my singing sisters…. then I fell pregnant with my first little girl & my priorities shifted for a while. The flame was still burning & a few gigs were still scattered here & there but I was happy to be Mum & give it my all. 

A year passed & the conversation came up many times that I still wanted to record an Album… but I had no money! So slowly but surely I chipped away at putting every spare little piece away to hopefully get enough to go into the studio & start on it! My dream was to record as much as we could Live, so first I had to get some musos on board! 

At the end of 2017 I decided to work on a new project ‘Blue Eyed Soul’, incorporating some originals in with some groovy covers that I love… I had some of my favourite musical friends on board & we put together a 7 piece band. From there the recording flame was ignited again & I started to conjour a plan to get the recording process started! 

Alex, my partner & right hand man, was behind me all the way & so excited about making this project happen. Just after the band gig I fell pregnant with my little boy, but this did not slow me down, it gave me more of a drive to try to get as much of this project done before he was born. So, we jammed, arranged, refined & tweaked…. Myself, Alex, Ben, Luke & Dylan… 

I approached Dylan about using his Studio for the project & my vision to do as much Live tracking as possible. He was keen to give it a try! We invited a close friend of his, Parrish, to come up from Sydney to help engineer & track it all & by April 2018 we set it all up & went into the studio to record 8 tracks in 3 days. 

Sickness struck me just as we were going into the studio & I lost my voice… but I still belted it out as best I could at 6 months pregnant. 

We captured some great moments! I had to do some vocal overdubs & a few extra things have since been added but most of what we did was captured in those 3 days! 

Then came editing cram sessions, whilst working, being Mum & due to have a baby! 

I wanted to be able to put it aside for a little while & just be Mum again… & give the music some space to breath & come back to it with fresh ears. 

So 2018 came to an end with me happily in baby land…. but the turn of the New Year kicked me back into gear & we are now almost there!

This Debut Album is a a collection of songs from the past that needed to be let loose into the world before moving onto my latest chapter. A bit Groovy, a bit Souly, a bit Soundscapey… honest reflections with lots of colours & space. 

Mixed & Mastered by the lovely Jordan Power & the Artwork created created by ME... we are very proud of it & so happy to share it with you all!!!

It is now out there for your listening ears! See links below. I would love to hear what you think... favourite songs, how it made you feel... anything! Please take the time to listen & share if you wish!!

Lots of love.... Cassie

To listen to tracks or buy the Album go to /things-to-buy or you can find it on Spotify or AppleMusic

'Feeling Free' is on a Film

'Feeling Free' is on the soundtrack for the locally produced Film 'Undertow', by Peter Spann.... please see link below

From the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

‘Cassie Rose seems to be drawing on a source of inspiration from some other, better world.’ Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide

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